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    5 Reasons to Avoid Artificial Ingredients

    Many people are addicted to artificial sweeteners, flavors, and other ingredients because they’re cheap and readily available. Others love them because of the flavors and sweetness they add to food. Some families are duped into believing that artificial sweeteners can…

  • Vegan
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    Can Fast Food be Vegan?

    Being a vegan or sticking to a plant-based diet can be very rewarding in a lot of ways. You are avoiding the possibility of cruelty to animals in your meal’s supply chain. Additionally, you are having less impact on the…

  • Healthy foods
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    3 Things to Look for in Feeding Your Family

    No matter how many family members you have under your roof, making sure they are properly fed is critical. That being the case; are you confident you and your loved ones are getting the best meals when it comes right…

  • Chinese Food
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    The Top Six Chinese Takeout Dishes

    Chinese restaurants in the United States were among some of the first to adapt the takeout model that so many others now must use in states with stay at home orders in place. That made the temporary transition due to…

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    A Reservation Here Is a Great Holiday Gift

    You’re trying to get a Christmas present for a foodie. You’re racking your brain for the right treat to place underneath the tree. Is it a bottle of wine that you found in the back of the Vintage section? Is…